I have a machine I carry in my pocket that scans my fingers...

"Grandpa, your eyebrows are very long. They keep dust out of your eyes very good."

(Julian shoveled snow by himself from Grandma and Grandpa's house to a few doors down, in 12 degree weather.)
"My blood was almost frozen."

"I'm Captain Bottle and you're Hop Slip Boop Slick and I'll teach you how to drive the ship. Baby Love (teddy bear) is the lookout. "

(Regarding Mama's pico de gallo):  "It's way better than the ones I have tasted in the recent days."

"Mama, I have a secret to tell you that no other sailors know."
S: "What is it?"
"I'll tell you when we're out on the seas."

"Mama, I made sweat lodges that can fly and walk and they're friends."

(Julian ran down the outside stairs to greet me after work): "Mama!!!"
Suzuki: "Hi Misiu. How was your day?"
Juju: "It was great! Every part of my day was great."
(Later, while hugging my leg, I asked him "What was so great about today?"): "You! This is the greatest part of my day."

"I have a secret room that has a giant trampoline that I jump on and I did a big flip!"

(running around) "I've got to catch up with the ketchup!"

Julian: "Let's talk about the underworld."
Janusz: "I told him I thought the underworld would be very dark, but he told me it's much brighter than here and that you have to wear sunglasses, but regular sunglasses are reading glasses in the underworld and you have to wear reading glasses to protect your eyes from the sun."
Julian: "Do you want to go to the underworld, Mama? The food is very good. Help yourself to whatever you want!"

Julian: "It's your fiddle's birthday. I've got to hug him and give him his present."
Suzuki: "What's his present?"
Julian: "You. You are his present."

"I want to bring a sunflower down to the underworld or to one of the planets I live on, either one. In the underworld, sunflowers are TREES."

Julian: "How do you write my name with you know, those bumps?"
Suzuki: "Braille?"
Julian: "No, how people usually write."
Suzuki: "You mean cursive handwriting?"
Julian: "Yes."

"Mama, do you want to pretend that it's your birthday and I'm your best friend and I baked you a cake and you'll say 'that's my favorite cake' and I'll say 'I know?' Oh, your cake is ready!  Mama, what if right before I cut it, a dragon popped out of it? Well, I'll make you a new one. What shape of pieces do you want your cake to be cut in?"

"Mama, Baba (Janusz) is good at cooking things that are simple and you are good at things that are more complicated."

Suzuki: "Oh wow, there's something funny about the way your ear is shaped."
Julian: "I like it. I like that I'm different so people can know that I'm here. That I'm I."

"Never go to a place where it's very quiet--where there's no sound. Because there's a spider that's SO poisonous--more poisonous than a black widow!"

Suzuki: "Thanks Honey, you are a great help to me."
Julian: "And you are a great help to ME! And you're a great help to yourself since you MADE me!!!"

"My hearing in that ear is kind of blurry. Your talking so lightly." (Ear infection.)

"I have a machine I carry in my pocket that scans my fingers very slowly and tells me when I need to cut my fingernails."
Suzuki: "Could you please go out and get me some sage from the garden?"
Julian: "I can't right now, I'm making a contraption."

(At dinner)
Suzuki: "I'm thankful to my son for making me laugh so many times today."
Janusz: "I'm thankful to my son for going on such a great hike with me today."
Julian: "OK, you guys--close your eyes but don't scrunch them. I'm thankful to you both for saying that."

"Finally! I caught up with the ketchup."

"Poochie tacos," n. underarms

Rockets (5 years old)

Contraptions (5 years old)

Fairfax Festival (3 years old)