Thank you, my majesty.

See Mama, I built a hydro-mocanic organic water factory. It's an organic source of water. It pumps the water from the sink. [Sink begins to overflow now.] Oh my God, that did not work so well.

I can burp you right out of your pants.

Julian (in the bathtub): Can you get me a pen?
Suzuki: Why?
J: I want to draw a little something on my body. I need a permanent pen.
S: What do you want to draw?
J: A water level. So I'll know when to turn the water off.

Everybody has a plug on the top of their head.

Mama: "Julian, what do you say when someone gives you something?"
Julian: "Thank you, my majesty."

Mama, you're the cream in my butter. You're the lego in my ship. You are the elbow in my arm.

Hey Mama, "toe flutes and uilleann pipe fingers!"

(Whispering) Mama, tell her (the laughter therapist at Harbin) that the world is a big ball rolling through space on wheels!

I don't get raspberries. Because most berries have color names like black or blue, but raspberries are different.

(RE: the spiral patch that Karen put in his jeans) The patch is my secret code. There are different scanners that all scan in different ways, but they all read the secret code the same.

I'm King of the Geysers.

I don't like mirrors.

See my little (Lego) guy's jet pack? It has a hat box. He has the most unusual hat. It's a lily pad hat. He has this thing plugged into his brain.

My maneuver machine can see the farthest things ever in space. See the face on the stargazer? They're really emergency light buttons. This guy's a superhero with a big big camera.

Mama, you're in the bat-pincher mobile, I'm in the bat mobile and Baba is in the Frog Mobile. OK, get in your mobiles!

If you don't get my jokes, I won't get your jokes.

Rockets (5 years old)

Contraptions (5 years old)

Fairfax Festival (3 years old)