Julian: This soup is a little spicy.
Suzuki: Very slightly.
Julian: Very slightly? That makes no sense.

Look, Mama, I'm drawing constellations. The Nine Brothers and The Wallet make the Diamond of Beauty. And they're all part of the Starry Night constellation. And I made another constellation, The Helpful Boomerang.

At school, we're slowly slipping away from learning about Native Americans.

I am very good at copying sounds. Caw! Caw! That's how most people make crow sounds. I do it like real crows sound. I'd be a very good person to keep an animal because I could speak to them in their language.

I'm going to remember to have a bad dream tonight. (So you can come to my bed?) Yes.

I know the best way to play Ro-sham-bo. Everybody always does Rock because it's the easiest. So I always do paper.

(At bedtime) I got the prize. The best baba and the best mama in the world.

I am thankful for my home, books, the water, and grass fires. And floods.

What if this were an energy pump and there was a tube on each end and it would pump the water? Your glass would be full. Wouldn't that be cool?

Julian : Your office is beautiful but you're hogging all the pictures. You should put them all around the house.
Suzuki: There aren't a lot of spaces available on the walls in the rest of the house.
Julian: Don't forget ground art and ceiling art. Isn't that a good idea?

Julian: Who are you going to marry, Mama?
Suzuki: I'm already married Julian. But, you've been thinking a lot these things lately. Have you been thinking about who you're going to marry?
Julian: Yes.
Suzuki: Who?
Julian: Toby. Boys can marry boys and girls can marry girls.
Suzuki: That's right.
Julian: And then we'll find a girl we really, really like and then "ka-BOOM."
Suzuki: "Ka-BOOM?"
Julian: We'll have a baby...Then there will be three people married.
Suzuki: You'll marry the girl too?
Julian: Maybe. We don't know yet.

Suzuki: Julian, how come you never talk about hot lava anymore?
Julian: It's all gone. There are two suns, a good sun and a bad one that stole all the hot lava from Earth.

Smile, Mama! Have a smile, my baby! Smile as big as a house. As big as a watermelon. So big you have to tie it on top of your car. You need a big truck.

How many minutes in a day? How many seconds in a day? ... Can you explain the fourth dimension to me now?

[Julian learned how to knit K1.]


Dark Vadar and Accumulation Systems

Julian: Mama, I'm setting up a system that any time someone drops something, it's mine. A drill tip and a penny. Mine! Do you like that system?
Suzuki: That's a funny system.
Julian (later, when there's the sound of something crashing onto the floor): Yay!
Suzuki: Immersion blender. Yours!
Julian: Well, how about only small things will be mine?

(On the trampoline): My cheeks are so big that I can feel them bouncing up and down!

Julian: What balls do you know how to play?
Suzuki: You mean like what sports?
Julian: Yes.
Suzuki: I never really learned any of those things.
Julian: I'll teach you!
Suzuki: Alright, thanks. And who taught you?
Julian: I just accumulated it.

Julian: Would you rather wake up in the morning and your house was all covered in lettuce or would you rather to wake up in the morning and your house was all covered in asphalt?

Julian (on Halloween night): Halloween is about being scary. Next year I want to be Dark Vadar.
Suzuki: Sure, if you can figure out how to make it yourself.
Julian: Like a mask made of paper mache? Wait, I'm gong to wear a different costume. I'm going to quickly go make a Dark Vadar suit. (This was at 5:55pm and it was already dark. He came down soon after and said he'd stick with the Doctor Dragon hybrid costume he had created earlier.)

Julian: We're studying Native Americans. I have a native American name. It's Eagle Horn. I thought of it myself.

[Julian met Roger's grandson Oscar in Sebastopol. Oscar asked Julian about his dad.]
Oscar: "Is he Irish or something?"
Julian: "No, he's Polish."
Oscar: "So, is he from the North Pole then?"

Rockets (5 years old)

Contraptions (5 years old)

Fairfax Festival (3 years old)