What is the opposite of Santa Cruz?

Hello? Hello? I'm using my sandwich as a space phone.

[flashing a light at me] I'm giving you an Energy Shot. There's a dollar of pounds in each second of light.

You are the Easter Mama Vegetarian Tiger who protects the eggs from the Easter Wolf.

I know a secret, Mama. At certain times, Pluto jumps over the other planets and is the closest to the Sun.

Did you know that earth is another name for dirt?

I have some stretchy rope and some Tranvaj (Polish tram) tickets. I'm making a "radiowave system."

I'm going to pitch a fork!

Anytime you want some love, just blow a kiss to my baby and he will give you pounds of love. Anytime. Even when you're not sick.

You can't remember things that happen to you when you're asleep because your memory rips everything apart.

Mama, what are those crinkles on your face?

If I wrote the 21 Balloons, I would have made it a little longer before the explosion so that they would finish the parachute. And I would have the flying thing go over San Francisco and have the professor land in San Francisco.

Mama: "Look, there's a halo around the moon." Julian: "It's not a halo, it's a moonbow." 

[holding a banana like a gun] What does this look like? (Um, a gun?) But, food comes out of it. It shoots food to poor people.

How tiny are virus balls? How do germs enter your body? What is spit for? How do people remember things?

[in bed] Do you want to pretend we're plants? We have to get under the covers because they are the dirt.

[with bubbles on his finger] My finger is wearing a spacesuit!

How about these crystals are alive and they're friends?

[in the bath] What warm water is there? (Hmm. What do you mean?) Oh, I'm just randomly saying something.

The birdies will help me find the eggs. They took the eggs that didn't hatch and painted beautiful patterns on them and hid them in the trees. They'll find them and bring them down to me.

How not-splashy can boats be?

I like ladybugs. I even like worms. I don't care if worms poop on me because they just eat dirt and poop it out.

Did you know there are three kinds of steps? The one that means "the next thing," the one you go up, and the step you take with your foot?

What's the opposite of Santa Cruz?

Jujuword Translation:
wooji = dishwasher rack

Rockets (5 years old)

Contraptions (5 years old)

Fairfax Festival (3 years old)