Rusty Legos

Tomorrow is Slide Day on Pluto. I can't go to Pluto very much anymore because I have to go to school. I have to go to Pluto for more than two days in a row. Because it takes one night to get back from earth.

Janusz: Julian, please up and get dressed.
Julian (wrapped up in his bedding): I'm making wings. I'm in my chrysalis!

Come play with me. You are MEANT for Legos, Mama.

Mama: Julian, come eat your eggs.
Julian: OK, my honey, OK, my sweetie, OK, my ragtime gal!

You have eyebrows that are GLEAMING. They're gleaming in the wind.

Mama: Julian, what are you doing with that packing tape?
Julian: I'm observing it.

I'm making you a special spy watch, Mama. It has a "radio wave" so we can talk to each other from school. Yours is easy to activate. It's powered by the heart. The blood rushes down and it turns a wheel and that's how it makes electricity. To take it off you unhook this part and untwist it and it becomes a pipe cleaner.

Could I go to bed a little earlier tomorrow so that I can stay up a little later tonight? I want to look at some constellations.

Suzuki: Do you like the tune I wrote?
Julian: Yes, it's great!
Suzuki: What should we call it?
Julian: "The Tune of the Rusty Legos"

Suzuki: What are you doing?
Julian: I'm rearranging the house. And when Baba comes home, let's say that we think he's in the wrong house. We'll disguise our voices.

[ESL bonus from Janusz/Baba: "Now you know what I was jiggling about."]

[Bonus description of Julian from Scoop in Eugene, Oregon: "He's an engineer with the soul of a poet."]

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