Soon, you will deserve breasts.

What's the name of that Gas Man who plays the flute? (Vinny.) Yeah. He plays like a bird sings.

We are a family of dragonflies. We can turn into any bug we want.

Soon, you will deserve rest. (Suzuki: I already deserve rest.) Soon, you will deserve breasts. (S: I already have breasts.) You will deserve more breasts! (How many?) 100!

You are my nemesis. (Do you know what it means?) I can't remember.

[This evening Julian sat next to the oven and read a book to the roasting chicken.] The chicken wants me to read him a story.

It's Paddy Fahey's Multiplying Circus!

I played soccer with Rowan today at school. (Pretend or with a ball?) With a molecule.

Guess what I'm building? A wombat truck.

[I overheard Julian and his friend Rowan declare each other best friends.]

Mama, I love you so much, I can't really tell you.

King of the Fungus, King of the Fungus, I'm the King of Fungus, Baby, I'm the King of Fungus, Baby! [To the tune of Manu Chao's "Bongo Bong" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DvQ5o50CPxU]

Mama, do you believe in Fairies? I do. My friend Luke and I both believe in Fairies and pretend we are Fairies. (What are fairies and where do they live?) They have wings and some of them are invisible. They live everywhere. Like fire fairies, water fairies, dirt fairies, tooth fairies, hot lava fairies, flood fairies. We like the good fairies. Not all of them are good.

Hey Indigo, let's play pretend soccer without a ball! (Indigo: You can't play soccer without a ball.) Yes you can. You stand there in the middle and I'll kick. [Kick] Almost! That's almost.

I'm the king of the spank-your-butt club, but it doesn't spank butts anymore. It's a special fairy that puts lights on the Christmas tree and gives you wishes.

I'm so hungry, I'd have to eat the whole world to get myself full.

I gave you an extra fart because I had one more than you and you had one less than me.

[handing me a heart token] Take this heart with you to work today, Mama, and whenever you want some love from me, just squeeze it.

[wielding a ladle] This is my magic wand and I use it to stop wars. Ok, I stopped all the wars! Now I will use it to make people healthy.

Angels and Fairies are in the same family.

[With a worry doll ornament] What are your worries, Mama? (I worry that sometime you tell lies and are mean to people.) You know what my worries are? I worry about Grandpa. That's one of our biggest worries right now.

[In the middle of reading The Night Before Christmas] Is Santa Claus real? (Um, do you want to believe in him?) No, I want to know if he's real. (Are you sure you want to know?) Yes. (No.) Then, how do the presents get there? (There's some parent involvement.) How? (They hide things to make it a surprise.) I want to help do that! I want to help do that for the other people. [Later, Janusz told Juju the story of the real St. Nicholas.]

Boing-y hog! [This is one of his favorite non sequiturs.]

[Carrying an invisible "big box"] This is a present for you and you can open it today because today is Christmas for the underworld and this is from the underworld!

Talking with an alligator accent.


Dust for sale! Who wants some dust? Dust for sale!


[I was whistling a tune and Juju said, "I love that tune! Let's listen to it!"] (S: I don't know the name of it, so it would be tough to find it on my iPod. I could play it for you, though, if you want.) J: Yes, I do. We could name it ourselves! [Thus, a tune was re-monikered "Puzzle Morning Jig. It goes D E G E D B, etc.]

Who wants to sell dust with me?


[On the steps in front of our house] Do you know what I do when someone goes by that I don't know who they are? I freeze. (S: So that you're hidden?) No, so that they'll think I'm a sculpture.


[With a garland encircling his face, like he was a flower]: Roar.( S: Um, are you a scary flower?) I'm just telling the bees I have no more honey...I'm just telling the bees I have no more pollen...What's pollen?

S: I'll put these worry dolls by your bed, so you can tell them any worries you might have before going to sleep.
J: I can also tell them things to mix in with the worries that are not worries. I can do that.


Mama, you be my fish and I'll be a fisher and I'll catch you, because you're going to be my pet. And you couldn't find any food, so I put a glass jar on the end and you swam into it and I brought it up and gave you a bunch of food.


Suzuki: The sky looks pretty right now.
Julian: Like garlic. It's dawn.


I'm talking with an alligator accent.


I want to make some "laughing bread." (S: What's laughing bread?) Tortillas.


Love isn't real. You just think it is. It's not real.


[Inspired from a recent trip to Yosemite, Julian decided to make crayon-colored, cut-out "mountains" for all of his teachers and one of his friends at school, Rowan.] I'm going to give them out like tokens!


(Whispering to me): We need to make plans. (S: What plans?) We'll discuss it upstairs. (S: Um, OK.) [Later, upstairs]: (S: So, what plans are we going to discuss?) Well...why don't we disguise the upstairs of the house, then we can hide from Baba? (S: But how can we disguise the house without making a big mess? I've really been trying to get things organized.) We're going to have it organized. [Then he took a couple of bandanas out and draped them on a couple of furnishings.] OK, there! Let's get in our hiding places. [He got into the closet.] Baba! Come up here!


The street is full of hot lava. We're hot lava monsters and we can slurp the hot lava like a drink.

[Placing two small chairs into various formations]: I'm making a topsy-turvy exerciser. Do you want me to make a seat for you on the topsy-turvy exerciser? (Yes.) Now it's a topsy-turvy boat. We can sail across the ocean. Can we have a dance party and put the boat to the shore?

Real sailors drink a glass of water before they brush their teeth. And captains slurp the saltwater from the ocean!

Mama, can you tell Baba to keep my door open tonight because it's a sailors' secret that if the door's open, I will sail faster tomorrow morning.


[It was too quiet in the other room for some time and I went to see what Julian was doing. He was sitting quietly, staring out the window. He looked at me and burst into tears]: Mama, there were these people out there doing bad things--these kids kept trying to break the trees and hurt the plants! And I love those trees SO MUCH!!! [Teenagers from White Hill Middle School.]

My name isn't really Thor.

Here, I'm delivering the hugs. I give you all my love with hugs. I give all my love to Baba by speaking Polish sometimes.

Me and Djadek (Polish grandpa) could understand each other without talking to each other.


This corn on the cob is like real candy! Next year at Easter, can we put some corn in the eggs?

(In bed in the tent at Roger and Ellen's house during the Celtic Festival in Sebastopol):
Suzuki: Goodnight. 
Juju: Goodnight.
(S walks away from the tent, until she hears): Wait Mama!
S: Yes, Juju?
J: I love you SO much!
S: Likewise, Honey!
J: Unzip the tent a little so the love can get through. (S does so.)
J: OK, you got it now.


Did you know that the stars are not really stars? They are really huge clumps of LOVE. If you look at a star, the love comes down to you.

(Still at Roger and Ellen's house in Sebastopol)
Juju: The have the shell night light for their grandsons.
Suzuki: And their granddaughters. They have three grandsons and two granddaughters.
Babcza and Dzadek have only one grandson. You! And Grandma and Grandpa have three grandkids: You, Hayden and Megan.
J: They are a little luckier.
S: Janusz and I will only have as many grandkids as you have kids.
J: OH!
J: I will marry you again and we'll have kids!
S: Hmm. Then my kids will also be my grandkids! That would be kind of weird.
J: Yeah. That would be REALLY weird! (laughs)


(On his way out the door to go to school):
Mama, I'm going to keep saying goodbye and I love you the whole day. You will feel it the whole day. Make sure you feel it in your brain. Make sure you feel it for the whole time I don't see you.

(To Janusz) There's love bouncing between you and me and Mama. And there's another love bouncing between just you and Mama.


[Julian attended the Celtic Festival in Grass Valley, Nevada and camped out there with Suzuki for the weekend. He heard a whole lot of live music, made new friends, helped assemble and collapse an assortment of camping and trailer mechanical gear, pet a rooster, watched Scottish Highland Games, saw parading revelers, met a man in a bicycle-powered wheelchair that he pedaled with his arms, saw traditional craftsmanship including wool spinning, made straw figures, saw rescued wildlife raptors, heard geese chatting, saw a magic show, was given "dragon tears," and saw an old gold rush town, Nevada City.]

Mama, you are the most helpful person I have ever met. [pause] Well, I didn't really "meet" you, right?

[After finding a dog tag that says "My Name is Thor"]: My name isn't really Thor. It's only my name when I go to the underworld. When I dig down to the underworld. Thor is the name of the underworld. That's why they call me that. Because I am the ruler of the underworld.


I wrote a song. It's called Jiggity Reel. The way you play it is you take a truck and you throw it into the ocean. The crashing waves and the splashing car are the music.

Play some tunes, Mama. I'm dying to hear some Irish music.



(Regarding his strained relationship with my love of traditional music):
If you just repeat the A and the B--if you beat the dead cat to death over and over, it's so boring.

It's just not my piece of cake.

Six dimensional is when there’s sound too.

My shirt is five-dimensional. Six dimensional is when there’s sound too.

The more sugary it is, the more yummier it is for kids. That’s what we know.

Salt is kind of sugary. Actually, it’s kind of sweet!

(Looking at an old dump site in the Colorado Rocky Mountains): That’s so sad. We should clean this up! (But, where are we going to put it--it’s still going to end up on the earth.) I’m going to make a machine that will recycle everything to clean up the earth. (But what about when your machine breaks down--where will that end up?) It will be compostable. All my machines will be compostable. My machines will last for my whole life. (What about your kids and their kids lives?) I will teach my kids and they will teach their kids and they will teach THEIR kids how to operate the machine.

I have a secret and I’ll only tell you. I have a special scrape that gives me clues. (What kind of clues?) Clues for where the treasure is.

J: I know what a “goon” is. (What is a goon?) It has four arms and four hands, a butt for one eye and a mouth for a nose and a nose for a mouth.


(Straddling my duffle bag with its straps tied all around himself): Wheee! I’m on my rollership!

J: When they built this street, there were these beautiful trees (on median) so they left them there. When I build streets, they will be so beautiful because I will leave all the beautiful things that are growing. And I will make the road very high so that the roots can get very big.

Mama, you are a dandelion seed. And Baba and I are Japanese Maples. You get to fly over the ocean. (I do?) Yes. We will make the wind to blow you across.

J: (in the draining bathtub, with his hand on the drain): It’s sucking me down.
S: (addressing the drain): No, you can’t have my son!
J: But I want to go down to the pipe world!
S: But I want you here in this world!
J: But I will come back.
J: (Later, while his shirt was being pulled over his head): Oh no, I’m going to the pipe world and I’m not even packed!
J: (Later): I’m the leader of the pipe world.

J: (in bed): I push a special button and cords come down and attach to my bed and then pull it up, so I can sleep up in the air.


I’m going to bring my froggy to Poland, because I love him SO much. I’m going to bring him mostly everywhere I go.

(in relation to birthday presents received from Lew and Leslie): I will open theirs first, since they were the champion ones with the cards.

S: I’ll put your money from Grandma and Grandpa into my bank account, since you don’t have enough money to have your own bank account yet.
J: Yes, because I save my ice cream money (loose change) for ice cream, not for getting a bank account!

8/23/10 in Poland

(Playing with a toy fan): I’m cleaning the air. It’s good for you. I’m serious. I’m trapping some bad stuff and putting it in jail.

I am Robot Kenobe. And I can take off my hand.


I’m getting all the best stuff  from my treasure chest to send to Grandpa. I’m getting all my best Grandpa love stuff. I’m sucking it all up—Ffffpt!—and sending it up into the air and through the radio lines. Wait, which way is their house? OK, Pssssssssssssssht! (shooting toward Denver).


(In the kitchen) Maybe there will be a new kind of animal that likes burnt things. So maybe we should burn something and put it up on the hill.

Fire came out of my nose and I sucked it back in.


Let’s pretend the doctor told me I have to blow bubbles through this bamboo straw. Because I can’t have a lot of air in my body. Let’s pretend there’s a problem in my ears and I have to hear the sound (of the bubbles) to fix the problem.

You can go on a ride on my rollerboater coaster.

I’m a secret spy. (Janusz: What is a secret spy?) Nobody can look at them because they run fast.

My language is nonsense to the people on the world. But on my planet, it’s real. It’s real stuff, OK? But it’s nonsense to the world people, like you. I built the world and all the planets. WAY before the dinosaurs. I was born in space. I built all the planets, even the world and Pluto. I live on Pluto. And on a lot of other planets, even the one that got hit. (Jupiter?) Yes. Luckily, I wasn’t there and I took my house on top of my car. I made my house the kind that pops onto wheels and you can wheel it onto your car. Then you can pop it down on the planet. You should come with me sometime. I’ll show you. But you shouldn’t take your jet pack because it will make you shoot past ALL the planets…(etc.).


[First day of new school, Little Arrows pre-school. When Suzuki went to wake him up, he literally jumped out of bed and dived for his clothes. Definitely enthused.]

I wish I was a lighthouse keeper. Do they still have those?

Who are the people who decide what people can do and can’t do? (Lawmakers?) Yes. How do you get to be one? (You run for a position in government, etc…Do you want to be one?) Yes. How many things can you be? (Depends on how much time you need for each thing. You can do multiple things if you have enough time. Or, you can do one thing for a while and then switch to another.) Are you going to do your job forever, Mama? (I don’t know.) Do old people have jobs?


Do you know all the words in the world? (No, no one does.) No, I do. I learned them while I was in your belly. Someone taught me all the words.(Who?) The man from Pluto. He had a special spaceship and it poked in you and it didn’t even hurt.

Don’t ever go camping without me. I want you to bring me with you everywhere you go.


(Dr. Julian played healing flute music to Janusz’s hurt foot.)

How many hours until dinner is ready? How many days until dinner is ready? How many months until dinner is ready? How many ancestors until dinner is ready?

(monotone voice) I am Robot Kenobe. And I can take off my hand.


I built all the planets, but actually Pluto growed, and I was born on Pluto. Pluto still thinks I’m his son, but I’m not.


We should take band-aids everywhere we go, in case one of us gets hurt. If I get hurt, you will put one on me, and if you get hurt, I will put one on you.

One of my jobs is to pinch myself.


I want to live in a shoe, Mama.


Did I say "Happy Mothers Day" too many times?

Is gravity the strongest thing in the world? (I guess so.) Except clouds, right? They're stronger because they stay up in the sky.

I'm going to jump up and hang from the sky. And I'm going to jump off Pluto. They don't even have that in circus school.

I speak my own language. In my world, the man taught me, the one who warns me.


I have special zombie eyes. (What is a zombie?) It's some kind of an animal. And it's bigger than us. It's giant.

I should teach other people my language. When I grow up, I'll teach it. I hope I will remember it.

One of my jobs is to pinch myself.


I want to learn this song ("I'll Cry Instead" by the Beatles): I'll Fly Instead!

(Explaining the high-frequency signal filter device on Janusz's laptop's power cord): On the cord in the little tank thing, there's a gate only the good electricity can open and the bad electricity can't and when the gate is left open, an invisible filter net quickly goes out that only good electricity can go through. The bad electricity can't. Maybe it's like that. [Indeed, Janusz says it is!]


If you scream too loud at my school, the sprinklers will go on.


I'm a robot and I have a little pouch right here at my waist where I can put my kangaroo.

I'm making a high-maintenance bridge. I have emergency nose wipes, emergency whistles, gloves, and spyglasses. And an emergency telephone. (Why?) Because if people walking across drop stuff. There are no sides on the bridge.

A spider is spinning his web around a bad spaceship. He's a good black widow.


Something was biting my foot. It was half mosquito, half lion.

(His new favorite (Beatles) song of the moment is "I Should Have Known Better" because he likes the harmonica.)

Watch my karate. [Kicks.] (Kristen: "How did you learn karate?") When I made the world, the world taught me karate kicks.


This is the first time I peeled the whole ginger by myself. I'm learning kitchen stuff. I'm going to tell everyone at my school. I'm really a peeler of ginger with this (peeler). It will be so easy for me. I'm going to be able to help you so much times. I'm working hard on this because I'm learning. Some parts, I'm learning so quickly. (Singing): Get all the bumps out! I got all the skin out!

(After I had put him to bed): Mama, can you please come back up here? ([Upstairs, whilst snuggling] OK, what's up, Honey?) It's my last chance to be with you on this day.

Copyright infringement.


Mama, I think I'm going to be a musician when I grow up. And an artist. I know that.


(swoop!) I caught you in my parents-catching net! I give you a big hug, then I let you go.

I'm a power peace ninja. Ninjas do exercise, they don't hurt anybody. Peace power ninjas are bigger than ice cream trucks.


When I wake up in the morning, I can't really control my voice. I can't talk very well. But when I walk through my door, there's a force field I walk through and then I can talk.


Let me see your necklace. It has powers. That's a power necklace. When I touch it, I get lots of power. I got a lot of power from that necklace.


I'm king of the skylights!

(Carrying a stick) This is my staff of plenty!

You're an ice chamber blender freezer.

Look at the cuckoo banister spaceship!


When I grow up, I'm going to make the same book (Light in the Attic, Shel Silverstein). I'm going to draw the same pictures and write the same words! (Pause)...Whose name will be on it?

(While hiking) I'm a robot. Robots can't see, they have to feel their way.


I'm a scruggle-foot mulligatawny!

Jonesing for a new name.

February 2010 (near Valentine's Day):

I am very talented at making Christmas cards. (S: And valentine cards?) Oh yeah!

(Pertaining to a valentine he created): I made a doorknob on the heart to make people love me when they open it. If you open the door, you will double-love me.

Baba walks around while he brushes him teeth. Because he's very funny. And he's so talented.

Mama, what does this look like? (S: Wow, it looks like a satellite!) I made you a satellite. It's called "Flapjack." (Then he made another.) Mine is called "Griddle Cake." Can you please write "Griddle Cake" on the back of my satellite?


One day I want to go camping with you. Family camping. We can find rocks and make a labyrinth!


I want to be a robot dragon next Christmas.


You should have named me "Cuckoo Head" when I was born. Or "Robot." I want to change my name to Robot. I want everybody to think I'm a robot because my name is Robot. Wouldn't that be funny?


I'm going to catch a frog and I'm going to feed him every day and I'm going to build a very large pond for him to swim all around in.


For Christmas, I want to have hemp cereal with chocolate milk.

You are yummy. I'm going to eat you into my heart. Then I will love you SO much. Am I over-loving you? (S: Impossible.) I love you. I love you one hundred one hundred one million one hundred one million...(S: Excuse me. Could you please put a bookmark in it and finish your spoon of peanut butter?)

I want you to make a special machine that when you're gone you turn it on, and in the morning, it will give me cod liver oil.

(BONUS Janusz-ism: I'm just making sure I didn't dream it out.)


(9:00am) I want to have a parade right now. Come on, Mama. Let's have a parade.


My loving makes you have more blood! And it makes you feel upside down. And your loving makes me feel upside down.

March 2010 

[Recent queries: How do deer talk? How do you make magnets? Why did you wet your finger before turning the page?]


[Favorite color now: pink. He points out a specific shade of pink that's in a sunset photo.]

During a rehearsal, Juju overheard me say that I couldn't read such small notes and he stopped what he was doing, found a magnifying glass, and brought it over to me.

I want to help the frogs by putting water in the creek for them.


Don't talk about "blobs" to me. I don't like that word.

S: I've been noticing how thoughtful you are, Juju. You always try to help people.
J: I think we should work at WildCare (wild animal rehabilitation center).
S: I think you're too young to work there--you have to be a grown-up.
J: I think YOU should work there then.
S: I don't have time to do any volunteering right now. Except playing for people. I think we're going to play for people at a homeless shelter on Friday.
J: Maybe we could bring them some food.
S: I think they get food there.
J: We could bring water to the people who don't have any water. We can get a big jug of water from the store.
S: The people who don't have water are in a different part of the world.
J: Maybe someone could bring it to them. Like a sailor.


S: It's snowing in Arizona, where Baba is today.
J: Maybe we can send him some snow clothes.

I want to tell you something. I'll call you "eyeball" sometimes, but not every time.


Maybe we could give the frogs a special present for summer. Some water for them to swim in. A special summer present for the frogs.

Back when they killed loofas to use as wheels.


[His favorite color is now blue.]

S: I'm your biggest fan.
J: I'm your littlest fan. I love you infinity.

S: Poor Haiti.
J: There's a box at my school where you can put money for Haiti.
S: I already sent money.
J: I can bring my own money myself and put it in the box.


I think in the olden days, they used to kill loofas and use them as wheels.


What is outside the universe?

[Watching me replace the kitchen smoke detector that I had taken down to make it stop beeping]:
Are we done burning things for the day, Mama?

Rockets (5 years old)

Contraptions (5 years old)

Fairfax Festival (3 years old)