The Nutcracker and The F Word

Mama, when you cut my hair, could you make a big curl on one side, like a phone on the side of my face? Like I'm talking on a hair phone?

J: Looks like I'm going to be a shooting star today.
S: But shooting stars have clean teeth.
J: Shooting stars don't really have teeth. They have gills and they breathe in dust. And if they crash into a star, they stop for a snack.

J: Can I get my own tape dispenser?
S: OK.
J: Thank you, Mama. You are the sweetest. You and Baba are the sweetest.

(Pointing into his yogurt): Look, Mama. It looks like God. Like a person with wings.

There's a store that's named for me and Tobi. TJ's. T and J!

J: What's the "F word," Mama?
S: What do you know about it?
J: I know it's the worst word there is. What is it?
S: F#%@
J: What does it mean?

What if you did knit-two, purl-one, knit-two, purl-one and mixed it all up? Let's do that, Mama. All the time, we'll be together, knitting.

J: In school, we're learning about classical music and The Nutcracker.
S: DUM, ba da da DUM bum, BUM bum BAH!?
J: DUM, ba da da DUM bum, BUM bum BAH!
S: Did you know that it's a ballet? Would you like me to rent the video for us to watch?
J: Nah...I just want to see it live.

J: Baba, will you get me an iPhone?
B: What do you need an iPhone for?
J: I don't know...I heard someone at school say his parents are going to get him one when he's 14.

Mama, do you know the difference between hardware and software? Hardware is like the metal things and software is like things on the computer, so it's like a whole different subject.

What if you could just walk into the night and stay in the night, or you could just walk into the day? It would be good for the desert because it gets so hot.

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