Ferocious, non-native, and squished.

Mama, how do you spell "Parliament?" I want to look it up on your iPod.

I'm going to use the butt-smack technique to get myself up the stairs.

Baba's a fungi! Baba's a fungi!

I need to see that Jeep closer. I think the bike on it has disc brakes.

Help, I'm being attacked by a horrid...ugly...ferocious...non-native MAMA!

Suzuki: Janusz, that's not a hug, that's a generic "squish."
Julian (piling on top): Is this a "genetic squish?"

Roger and Ellen have to have math-y brains to plan how to do all their projects (knitting and woodworking).

Sorry I'm so "huggy" today, Mama.

(Tucking Mama into bed early): I almost forgot to sprinkle some sweet dreams on you (sprinkle, sprinkle). And some cozy chamomile...to keep you cozy!

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