Suzuki: Suddenly you look older!
Julian: Why?
Suzuki: I guess you're just growing up...
Julian: Why did you make that face?
Suzuki: Because for mamas, it's bittersweet. It's wonderful to watch your kid grow up, but there is also a separation that's hard.
Julian: I won't! ... I'll separate, but I'll be with you most of the time.

S: Did you see the moon?
J: Oh, it's the cute kind of moon. The little sliver.

S: I like those cuffs on your trousers.
J: They're more like a space suit--like they're keeping the bottom squeezed in.

(While building with Legos): No one talk to me right now. I have to have a very good brain.

S: Look at the bats flying up there!
J: Wow, those are BATS? They're so much smaller than I thought. Maybe if we're very still and quiet, they'll come up to us. Try to look very gentle.

Baba Janusz (while repairing Julian's shoes): Did you know my grandfather was a shoemaker?

Julian: I took it all off in one gulp: My pants, underwear, and socks!

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