A Day for Laughter Hath Been Proclaimed!

(Early Friday morning): Let's have today be "Laughing Day." Let's laugh as much as possible. 
(Later that day): We should make "Laughing Bread!"

(End of day): We had SO MUCH laughing today! It was so fun!

In Julian's ballet class, Teacher Lily plays a game with the kids sitting with their thighs pressed out and the bottoms of their feet pressed together. She pretends to throw treats into their "baskets." After class, the teacher quietly told me that when she asked him what he wanted in his basket, Julian said, "Nothing." She asked, "Nothing?" He replied, "I already have everything I need." She said, "I never heard that before. Usually they want candy or something like that!"

Mama, I made something for you. You have to try it. A papaya seed and a chive wrapped in a basil leaf. Isn't it good? (It was!)

I see a lot of animals on the bathroom wall, Mama. Come look! There are two elephants, a bear, and a rabbit. Be aware, they all have eyes. Oh, there's a goldfish and I found a monkey. And I see a Saguaro Cactus!

I made a new Lego kit that has all the parts for a Pterodactyl. Do you want me to plug the vehicle into the Pterodactyl now?

Ro-sham-bo, (heart shape)! Let's say that Heart "beats" everything else, because it has love!

NOTE: Julian did a fine job in his role as a Saguaro (The Cactus, Tall and Grand) in his kindergarten play:

Click here to watch for Julian's Kindergarten Cactus Play!

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