My name isn't really Thor.

Here, I'm delivering the hugs. I give you all my love with hugs. I give all my love to Baba by speaking Polish sometimes.

Me and Djadek (Polish grandpa) could understand each other without talking to each other.


This corn on the cob is like real candy! Next year at Easter, can we put some corn in the eggs?

(In bed in the tent at Roger and Ellen's house during the Celtic Festival in Sebastopol):
Suzuki: Goodnight. 
Juju: Goodnight.
(S walks away from the tent, until she hears): Wait Mama!
S: Yes, Juju?
J: I love you SO much!
S: Likewise, Honey!
J: Unzip the tent a little so the love can get through. (S does so.)
J: OK, you got it now.


Did you know that the stars are not really stars? They are really huge clumps of LOVE. If you look at a star, the love comes down to you.

(Still at Roger and Ellen's house in Sebastopol)
Juju: The have the shell night light for their grandsons.
Suzuki: And their granddaughters. They have three grandsons and two granddaughters.
Babcza and Dzadek have only one grandson. You! And Grandma and Grandpa have three grandkids: You, Hayden and Megan.
J: They are a little luckier.
S: Janusz and I will only have as many grandkids as you have kids.
J: OH!
J: I will marry you again and we'll have kids!
S: Hmm. Then my kids will also be my grandkids! That would be kind of weird.
J: Yeah. That would be REALLY weird! (laughs)


(On his way out the door to go to school):
Mama, I'm going to keep saying goodbye and I love you the whole day. You will feel it the whole day. Make sure you feel it in your brain. Make sure you feel it for the whole time I don't see you.

(To Janusz) There's love bouncing between you and me and Mama. And there's another love bouncing between just you and Mama.


[Julian attended the Celtic Festival in Grass Valley, Nevada and camped out there with Suzuki for the weekend. He heard a whole lot of live music, made new friends, helped assemble and collapse an assortment of camping and trailer mechanical gear, pet a rooster, watched Scottish Highland Games, saw parading revelers, met a man in a bicycle-powered wheelchair that he pedaled with his arms, saw traditional craftsmanship including wool spinning, made straw figures, saw rescued wildlife raptors, heard geese chatting, saw a magic show, was given "dragon tears," and saw an old gold rush town, Nevada City.]

Mama, you are the most helpful person I have ever met. [pause] Well, I didn't really "meet" you, right?

[After finding a dog tag that says "My Name is Thor"]: My name isn't really Thor. It's only my name when I go to the underworld. When I dig down to the underworld. Thor is the name of the underworld. That's why they call me that. Because I am the ruler of the underworld.


I wrote a song. It's called Jiggity Reel. The way you play it is you take a truck and you throw it into the ocean. The crashing waves and the splashing car are the music.

Play some tunes, Mama. I'm dying to hear some Irish music.



(Regarding his strained relationship with my love of traditional music):
If you just repeat the A and the B--if you beat the dead cat to death over and over, it's so boring.

It's just not my piece of cake.

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