Cod liver oil.


I want you to make a movie of the Julian files. (I don't know how to do that.) I have a machine that you can put all the papers in it and it makes a movie with music. It makes a CD for your computer.


Cod liver oil is my favorite liquid.


Do you know I have a valve in my body? It turns on my poo poo and turns off my pee pee and turns on my pee pee and turns off my poo poo. That's how it works.


Do you have an iPhone? (No. Do you know what an iPhone is?) Yes. It's a phone that you call with your eye.


I love you as far as a space ship goes way into outer space.  I love you as big as the whole Mt. Tam.


(While listening to a recording of a house concert of legendary piper Paddy Keenan I had attended):
Were you clapping too at Cormac's house concert? (Yes.) Which clap was yours?


Close your eyes. (Why?) Because I'm going to do something and then you're going to say, "Hey, who did that?" and I'm going to say, "Not me."

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