Salsa dancing in avocados.


Suzuki: I want to learn to play chess.
Juju: I know how. First you choose which color you want to be, then you take all the pieces of the color you want to be, then you change all the pieces to the color you want to be. That’s how you play chess.


I will need to bring my bike to my  birthday party. When I make a “click” sound with my bikes, that means the snacks will come out. And I will make a smoothie. [The bike would actually motor the blender, like a rig we saw at a local festival.]

I’m making a treasure hunt. It’s with pirates. The treasure is the pool. And we’ll all go in the treasure and swim.


I’m making light savers. If you want to kill an animal that’s already dead, then you can buy a light saver.

I want to call Baba and ask him about his day and I want to tell him that the refrigerator is broken and that I love him. I want to tell him that I want to give him a hug and a kiss. (On the phone): We have to pull the refrigerator and go to the back of it and fix it because the air cord is broken for the freezer because I put my hand in the freezer one day and it was hot and that I have a picture of my bike to bring to my birthday and I want to bring my bike to the camp. The water filter is broken too. (Janusz: But, everything cannot be broken.) Yes they can, like this phone. (Why?) There’s no more electricity. I have to bring my pump of electricity. (Hang up. Redial): I forgot to say bye and I love you. I LOVE YOU! (OK, bye!) Bye!


Janusz to Suzuki: Today, Juju told me that he would love me forever.
Julian: I will love him forever SO MUCH. I will love him as big as my bike is. My bike is VERY big.

(A few days after Lark Music Camp): I want to buy a taiko drum. I want to buy the very big one. We can put it in our back yard. You guys will have to help me set it up and make it very low so I can reach it.

I love you, mama. It’s your love birthday.

(While eating an avocado and grinning widely): We can go salsa dancing in avocados.

I go clean at the pool every day. I go under the water and clean it all. And I can stay under the water for hours and hours. I never open my mouth until I get out. Then I take a gigantic breath, so it’s OK.

I want to invite grandma and grandpa to my birthday. And Melody. They sent me presents. I will guard them. I need a very big rubber band. I will put them together, that way I will know they’re for my birthday.

Let’s pretend you’re grandma and I’m Homer [their dog] and grandpa is downstairs working in his office—actually, let’s pretend it’s the basement.

Bonus, nearly-forgotten entry: During last month’s trip to the emergency room to get stitches in the back of his head, he was crying and I asked him if some music might help. He said, “Yes...the Gas Men.” Such healers, those G-Men.

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