Obama used to be Jesus.


I want to take all the ornaments off the tree and re-put them on again.


Will you always call me “Sweetie Sweet?” (Suzuki: Yes.)


Suzuki: I love you and hope you feel better ASAP and that means as soon as possible.
Juju: Awwww, you’re loving me so much! I love you too. If I snuggle with you that means I love you…I’m snuggling with you. I will make you a rainbow.


I will be able to iron when I am older. I will stay here and iron for you guys when you are old.

Suzuki: I love you.
Juju: That makes me very happy.


(After hearing the story of Jesus’s birth): I was there. Remember how I said I made the whole world? So, I was already there. I didn’t even need a star. I knowed where it was.


I need a piece of pumpkin pie or else I will be hungry forever.


(Borrowing my ring): This is the ring of beauty. Beauty is so good for you! We share the beauty—here, you can have some beauty. You get half the beauty and I get half the beauty.


(After having typed on Grandpa’s old typewriter): Mama, I need to take an airplane to go to Typewriter Island. I’m making some important information. I want you to send it to everybody. I want you to put it on the internet. It’s an advertisement.


Once I ate a wood chip, for real life. (What did you think?) Not good. Not edible. But I chewed it up and swallowed it, for real life.


I have to get my dowries (a couple of old roasting racks(!)). Those are my special dowries.

I’m the king of cooking. I can make onions turn into the kind that don’t make you cry.


Obama used to be Jesus. (Did you say Baba used to be Jesus?) No. Obama, our president. (Obama used to be Jesus?) Yes. (Where did you get that idea?) It’s just a joke that I made up.

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