Soon, you will deserve breasts.

What's the name of that Gas Man who plays the flute? (Vinny.) Yeah. He plays like a bird sings.

We are a family of dragonflies. We can turn into any bug we want.

Soon, you will deserve rest. (Suzuki: I already deserve rest.) Soon, you will deserve breasts. (S: I already have breasts.) You will deserve more breasts! (How many?) 100!

You are my nemesis. (Do you know what it means?) I can't remember.

[This evening Julian sat next to the oven and read a book to the roasting chicken.] The chicken wants me to read him a story.

It's Paddy Fahey's Multiplying Circus!

I played soccer with Rowan today at school. (Pretend or with a ball?) With a molecule.

Guess what I'm building? A wombat truck.

[I overheard Julian and his friend Rowan declare each other best friends.]

Mama, I love you so much, I can't really tell you.

King of the Fungus, King of the Fungus, I'm the King of Fungus, Baby, I'm the King of Fungus, Baby! [To the tune of Manu Chao's "Bongo Bong" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DvQ5o50CPxU]

Mama, do you believe in Fairies? I do. My friend Luke and I both believe in Fairies and pretend we are Fairies. (What are fairies and where do they live?) They have wings and some of them are invisible. They live everywhere. Like fire fairies, water fairies, dirt fairies, tooth fairies, hot lava fairies, flood fairies. We like the good fairies. Not all of them are good.

Hey Indigo, let's play pretend soccer without a ball! (Indigo: You can't play soccer without a ball.) Yes you can. You stand there in the middle and I'll kick. [Kick] Almost! That's almost.

I'm the king of the spank-your-butt club, but it doesn't spank butts anymore. It's a special fairy that puts lights on the Christmas tree and gives you wishes.

I'm so hungry, I'd have to eat the whole world to get myself full.

I gave you an extra fart because I had one more than you and you had one less than me.

[handing me a heart token] Take this heart with you to work today, Mama, and whenever you want some love from me, just squeeze it.

[wielding a ladle] This is my magic wand and I use it to stop wars. Ok, I stopped all the wars! Now I will use it to make people healthy.

Angels and Fairies are in the same family.

[With a worry doll ornament] What are your worries, Mama? (I worry that sometime you tell lies and are mean to people.) You know what my worries are? I worry about Grandpa. That's one of our biggest worries right now.

[In the middle of reading The Night Before Christmas] Is Santa Claus real? (Um, do you want to believe in him?) No, I want to know if he's real. (Are you sure you want to know?) Yes. (No.) Then, how do the presents get there? (There's some parent involvement.) How? (They hide things to make it a surprise.) I want to help do that! I want to help do that for the other people. [Later, Janusz told Juju the story of the real St. Nicholas.]

Boing-y hog! [This is one of his favorite non sequiturs.]

[Carrying an invisible "big box"] This is a present for you and you can open it today because today is Christmas for the underworld and this is from the underworld!

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