Jonesing for a new name.

February 2010 (near Valentine's Day):

I am very talented at making Christmas cards. (S: And valentine cards?) Oh yeah!

(Pertaining to a valentine he created): I made a doorknob on the heart to make people love me when they open it. If you open the door, you will double-love me.

Baba walks around while he brushes him teeth. Because he's very funny. And he's so talented.

Mama, what does this look like? (S: Wow, it looks like a satellite!) I made you a satellite. It's called "Flapjack." (Then he made another.) Mine is called "Griddle Cake." Can you please write "Griddle Cake" on the back of my satellite?


One day I want to go camping with you. Family camping. We can find rocks and make a labyrinth!


I want to be a robot dragon next Christmas.


You should have named me "Cuckoo Head" when I was born. Or "Robot." I want to change my name to Robot. I want everybody to think I'm a robot because my name is Robot. Wouldn't that be funny?


I'm going to catch a frog and I'm going to feed him every day and I'm going to build a very large pond for him to swim all around in.


For Christmas, I want to have hemp cereal with chocolate milk.

You are yummy. I'm going to eat you into my heart. Then I will love you SO much. Am I over-loving you? (S: Impossible.) I love you. I love you one hundred one hundred one million one hundred one million...(S: Excuse me. Could you please put a bookmark in it and finish your spoon of peanut butter?)

I want you to make a special machine that when you're gone you turn it on, and in the morning, it will give me cod liver oil.

(BONUS Janusz-ism: I'm just making sure I didn't dream it out.)


(9:00am) I want to have a parade right now. Come on, Mama. Let's have a parade.


My loving makes you have more blood! And it makes you feel upside down. And your loving makes me feel upside down.

March 2010 

[Recent queries: How do deer talk? How do you make magnets? Why did you wet your finger before turning the page?]


[Favorite color now: pink. He points out a specific shade of pink that's in a sunset photo.]

During a rehearsal, Juju overheard me say that I couldn't read such small notes and he stopped what he was doing, found a magnifying glass, and brought it over to me.

I want to help the frogs by putting water in the creek for them.


Don't talk about "blobs" to me. I don't like that word.

S: I've been noticing how thoughtful you are, Juju. You always try to help people.
J: I think we should work at WildCare (wild animal rehabilitation center).
S: I think you're too young to work there--you have to be a grown-up.
J: I think YOU should work there then.
S: I don't have time to do any volunteering right now. Except playing for people. I think we're going to play for people at a homeless shelter on Friday.
J: Maybe we could bring them some food.
S: I think they get food there.
J: We could bring water to the people who don't have any water. We can get a big jug of water from the store.
S: The people who don't have water are in a different part of the world.
J: Maybe someone could bring it to them. Like a sailor.


S: It's snowing in Arizona, where Baba is today.
J: Maybe we can send him some snow clothes.

I want to tell you something. I'll call you "eyeball" sometimes, but not every time.


Maybe we could give the frogs a special present for summer. Some water for them to swim in. A special summer present for the frogs.

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