Bunny slime robot pirates and Light Vadar.

Mama, you're a bridge, I am a zhaba (frog) and Baba is a pomidor (tomato).

Pirates don't brush their teeth.

(Julian started calling me "Sweetie Sweet." Love it.)

Where's the slimy slime? (What's that?) The slimes protect the robots when they're fighting or when they're doing robot stretches. And the "Owatts" are the robots that protect the slimes.

When I tickle Baba, he goes "Heeeee!"

Oscar lives in a volcano.

Me and my friends built the Golden Gate Bridge a long time ago. (What did you use?) A lot of things, but not bricks. We used wood and we sanded the wood and we used screws and nails and lots of tools and we dug out the ocean and the lake across from it (the Bay).

I'm going to be a bunny slime robot pirate and my name is chair-table and your name is table-puzzle-chair.

Spiderman is in Star Wars.

Dark Vadar is a boy and Light Vadar is a girl.

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