My sprouts can squeeze themselves.


I’m going to knit a crochet.


When I close my eyes, I see cinnamon dancing on trees.


(Before going to sleep) I like you so much. I like you!


S: We haven’t seen the deer in a while. I wonder where they’ve been going.
J: Maybe they’re having a play date or a sleepover.

Janusz: Why did the chicken cross the road?
Julian: He didn’t cross the road. He went up in the clouds.
Janusz: Why did he go up in the clouds?
Juju: He was going to visit his friend. His friend chicken.

Watch what I can do with the easel. Something magic. And kind of scary. “BLAST OFF! Brrrrrshhhhhhhh...” That’s the magic trick.

I made up a game and I won. It’s pretty tricky.

(Having recently been swept up in the reading of A Seed is Sleepy—great book) We are talking seeds. You’re a Dandelion seed, Baba is a Milkweed, and I am a Japanese Maple. I love you two seeds. And you two seeds love me!

I helped the earth because I love the earth. I helped it grow two plants. I planted some beans at school and they sprouted. They growed. Is that when they sprout—when they grow?

(After opening up the door for me when I got home) I thought that was you. How was your yoga? I have some love for you. Do you want some love? I have a hug and a kiss mixed together.


I want someone to sit next to me all the time.


Bebeto: We are fire truck bird kittens.
Janusz: I am the muffin man. (Poor Janusz was completely blown-up and red with poison oak.)

(At the thrift store): I want to buy something in a box. In a big box.
S: You mean that box with the plastic toys inside?
J: Yes.
S: No, because that toy didn’t look very interesting, and we don’t want to buy plastic stuff. It’s bad for the earth and you love the earth, right?
J: I don’t love the earth anymore.


J (playing with the bamboo beaded “curtains”): I’m making a big hammock for little bugs. I’m making a big hammock for big bugs.
S: Did you say “bugs” or “birds”?
J: Bugs and birds. It’ll be so cool.
J: Now I’m hanging up hoses. Oh, there’s a fire. I‘ll have to turn them on.

[NOTE: Lately, there have been lots of “Watch what I can do.” He also spends a lot of time making up games and he talks them through to himself, usually ending with “Ah, I won the game.” or “Ah, that was cool” or “Awesome! I won!”]


[After Suzuki asked Janusz to bring a lemon up from the garden]: I can get a lemon. I am a lemon guy.

S: I brought have Fred Bread from the store. You can have it for dessert.
J: I make “Blue Baby Bread.” It’s a paper bread.

[As of today, Julian officially can spell his last name. All thirteen letters worth.]


(In the context of my sprouting mung beans in a jar, involving much rinsing and squeezing): My sprouts can squeeze themselves.

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