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Wow, our tomato plant is blasting. We will need a ladder that goes up to the sky to climb up to see if there’s any tomatoes. It’s blasting green and yellow and all different colors like a RAINBOW plant!

I have a store that sells piñatas. It’s right outside the gate. Go right inside and look on the left side.

I have different jet planes at different vacation houses. Baba, you do the front of the plane and I do the back of the plane and Mama, you’re the one who does the signals… Oh, actually to get to my big vacation house, you have to take 100 jet planes.


Suzuki: Take your eyelash, put it in your palm, make a wish, and blow it away.
Jules: I wish that none of my friends would drown.


Look what I made—I made a house for your mandolin! I made it all by myself. Only Baba and me made it.

Janusz: Suzuki, where did you get those purple potatoes?
S: At The Good Earth.
Juju: I have a potato tree and tons of them are ready! They’re all over my house.

I want to go visit grandma and grandpa sometime.


My house can put out wheels and it can put out wings and it can fly. It can fly all the way to Poland.

I’m a dog fire fighter. I’m Homer. I’m Homer, the dog fire fighter.

ALL WEEK prior to his birthday party 8/15/09
(to random strangers we see on the street): I’m almost four. My birthday is on a school day (or some other salient detail).


I came to give you a hug and a kiss and to give you a massage. I’m a doctor. You have a bad tummy ache because the food went down the wrong pipe. You will have to stay in the hospital for two days. I will go get some tools. Watch my baby (his teddy bear). He’s the nurse.

Suzuki: When you’re big, will you still cuddle with me and stuff?
J: Yes.
S: Even when you’re a grown up?
J: YES, and I will give you a birthday. When’s your birthday?
S: In March.
J: It’ll be in the clubhouse because there’s a dance floor and we don’t have a dance floor. I’m so sad about that.


Sometimes I want to go off the earth.

I love you as fast as I can ride my bike. I can ride SO fast.

Sometime I want to move closer to the camp (Lark) so it won’t take as long to get there.

I want to write a letter to grandma and grandpa. I want to put it in their mailbox.


I’m not going to tell you what I had at school today. (Why not? You should ALWAYS tell me, especially if someone tells you not to.) I had Tic Tacs. (Who gave them to you?) Oscar (a school chum). I want us to get Tic Tacs.

Suzuki (in concerned tones): Juju, how are you feeling about to two of us being separated for two and a half weeks while you’re in Poland?
J: It’s kind of good because we’ve been together too much and I don’t really like it. In two more days, I’m going to have enough of you and then, when I get back, I’m going to REALLY want to be with you.

I really love that grandma and grandpa gave me that flashlight kit.

Julian’s toes told Suzuki’s toes, “I have a flashlight set. Come with me and we’ll go camping!”


Mama, I love you as SO much, mucher than you love me (good one). I love you as long (far) as Poland is. I love you very, very, very, very (etc. for about three minutes) much.


(leaving for the airport) I put my parachute in my invisible jet pack.

(En route to Poland) Why don't they have a deck on the airplane?

(In Poland):
Janusz: Julian, what do you want to tell mama?
Julian: How good I am here.
Janusz: What else do you want to tell mama?
Julian: Nothing else.

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