J: I’m going to shoot some love into the house. From me.
S: To me?
J: No, I’m going to save it inside the house.

S: Do you want some Inca berries?
J: No, I only eat them on Sunday.

J: I made a love machine and I’m going to shoot the love to you (pssshhht!) There’s the love (both hands up, ta-da)!

J: I’m making you carrots. For your eyes. You have to blow on them because they’re really hot.

J: The five ducks have scissors and the foxes have chainsaws. One patch (batch) of the ducks’ scissors are for boys, another patch is for little kids, and another patch is for dogs. The patch of chainsaws is for everyone. They are for sharing.

J (Throwing Sue Ellen’s Gumby gift through the air): He’s a flyable spinnable no-battery no-control!

J (while driving): What if a blind person needs a car?

J (sitting): I lost my balance.
Janusz: We have to look for it.
J (standing): I found it!

J (shelling peas): I’m going to put them all in my mouth—like Grandpa. Grandpa stuffed a lot of peas in his mouth at the same time.


Today, Julian drew beautiful tattoos onto our arms.
S: I wish I didn’t have to ever wash this off. I like it so much.
J: Just don’t wash this part off.
S: But I don’t know if I should leave it on for work.
J: But, it’s a reindeer. You can show Aunt Melody. (pause) OH, it’s a cat! (Melody’s favorite)

S: Good morning, darling boy.
J: I’m not a boy any more. I’m a frog-boy.
S: You’re a “zhaba?” (Polish for frog)
J: Yes, and you’re my zhaba parents.

J: I don’t love Baba right now, I only love you right now. I love people one at a time.

J (his explanation of the drawing he made for Janusz’s birthday): All of this is a love street. See the love road? If you love someone, you can go on that road...This road can drive to San Francisco...This is a fence...You have to fly all the way across the ballgame to the bridge to got to the love street, where Nidia lives...That’s a shooting light in the sky for Baba...This is the birthday candle. The yellow will be the fire. More fire. Fire on the love road. The road is on fire.

Today, while he was in the bathroom, I overheard Julian practicing saying “refrigerator” to a) count the number of Rs therein, and b) work on the enunciation thereof.

His joke: Excuse me, could you find my balance?

J: Read me the card Grandpa made for Janusz for his birthday. (I did.) I want to make a treasure hunt (Grandpa’s signature game)!

J: I learned how to do the other way of going pee pee with the underwear on. You reach in the hold and grab out the penis through the hole.

J: Now I have to tie you up and lock you up on the couch.
S: Why?
J: Because you have to have a surgery. (I just had foot surgery two weeks ago.) I’m cutting your leg off (bzzzzt!) and now I’m taking all your bones out so you will have a flat leg. Now I’m grinding up all your bones. Now I’m eating them. (!)

J: What’s that?
S: Mail from the Children’s Chorale in Colorado. It was a singing group I used to be in. We traveled all over the world singing and sometimes dancing. Maybe someday you’ll want to do something like that.
J: No, I want to be a doctor and a road constructioner ONLY. And a cooker. (pause) Because I practiced all those things.

Juju has a new nickname that he takes rather seriously: Irish-soda-lipstick-monkey-love-muffin-big-loaf-of-bread-zhaba-star-zoobal.

S: We need to take the snowflake off the window.
J: NO! Why?
S: Because it’s not winter any more. It’s a seasonal thing.
J: No, I NEED to have it there!
S: For how long?
J: Until we die.
S: Until we die?
J: Until just before we die.

S: I need some love.
J: I don’t have any more love.
S: Where did it go?
J: I gave it all to you and Baba. (later) My love machine is making some love right now (psssht!) I have some love now! (pause) Oh, it’s gone. It’s for a treasure hunt. You have to make a treasure hunt if you want some love. So make a treasure hunt!

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