Talking with an alligator accent.


Dust for sale! Who wants some dust? Dust for sale!


[I was whistling a tune and Juju said, "I love that tune! Let's listen to it!"] (S: I don't know the name of it, so it would be tough to find it on my iPod. I could play it for you, though, if you want.) J: Yes, I do. We could name it ourselves! [Thus, a tune was re-monikered "Puzzle Morning Jig. It goes D E G E D B, etc.]

Who wants to sell dust with me?


[On the steps in front of our house] Do you know what I do when someone goes by that I don't know who they are? I freeze. (S: So that you're hidden?) No, so that they'll think I'm a sculpture.


[With a garland encircling his face, like he was a flower]: Roar.( S: Um, are you a scary flower?) I'm just telling the bees I have no more honey...I'm just telling the bees I have no more pollen...What's pollen?

S: I'll put these worry dolls by your bed, so you can tell them any worries you might have before going to sleep.
J: I can also tell them things to mix in with the worries that are not worries. I can do that.


Mama, you be my fish and I'll be a fisher and I'll catch you, because you're going to be my pet. And you couldn't find any food, so I put a glass jar on the end and you swam into it and I brought it up and gave you a bunch of food.


Suzuki: The sky looks pretty right now.
Julian: Like garlic. It's dawn.


I'm talking with an alligator accent.


I want to make some "laughing bread." (S: What's laughing bread?) Tortillas.


Love isn't real. You just think it is. It's not real.


[Inspired from a recent trip to Yosemite, Julian decided to make crayon-colored, cut-out "mountains" for all of his teachers and one of his friends at school, Rowan.] I'm going to give them out like tokens!


(Whispering to me): We need to make plans. (S: What plans?) We'll discuss it upstairs. (S: Um, OK.) [Later, upstairs]: (S: So, what plans are we going to discuss?) Well...why don't we disguise the upstairs of the house, then we can hide from Baba? (S: But how can we disguise the house without making a big mess? I've really been trying to get things organized.) We're going to have it organized. [Then he took a couple of bandanas out and draped them on a couple of furnishings.] OK, there! Let's get in our hiding places. [He got into the closet.] Baba! Come up here!


The street is full of hot lava. We're hot lava monsters and we can slurp the hot lava like a drink.

[Placing two small chairs into various formations]: I'm making a topsy-turvy exerciser. Do you want me to make a seat for you on the topsy-turvy exerciser? (Yes.) Now it's a topsy-turvy boat. We can sail across the ocean. Can we have a dance party and put the boat to the shore?

Real sailors drink a glass of water before they brush their teeth. And captains slurp the saltwater from the ocean!

Mama, can you tell Baba to keep my door open tonight because it's a sailors' secret that if the door's open, I will sail faster tomorrow morning.


[It was too quiet in the other room for some time and I went to see what Julian was doing. He was sitting quietly, staring out the window. He looked at me and burst into tears]: Mama, there were these people out there doing bad things--these kids kept trying to break the trees and hurt the plants! And I love those trees SO MUCH!!! [Teenagers from White Hill Middle School.]

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