Scary bunnies and mystery poop.

J: I lost my kiss. So I need you to give me a new one. (smack.)
J: Our package arrived from the spaceship. It’s from the conveyor belt.
J: Another package arrived. Our speaker arrived. And that’s a stereo.
J: Another package arrived. It’s a big computer.

We’re doggies that don’t have to have any people, because we can buy our own food and feed ourselves. I’m the biggest one. You’re the mommy and I’m the daddy. We are going in our car—you drive. I have to start the engine. Vrrrooooom. We are at Alaska! (Turns car off) We have some chickens coming over to our doggy house. Because they are my friends. And they keep someone from stealing something from our house. That’s what the chickens do. We have to get there because they don’t have a car and we will have a dance party with them. So, I’ll put on the speakers, but the music won’t wake up Baba. OK, let’s start up the motor. (We go under the blankets) I’m going into the deep, dark forest. The car is very big. We’re going to the chicken house to get the chickens.

(spastic dancing)
J: I’m doing the “slumby-slumby chicken dance.”

J: (pointing the raisins in his bowl of oatmeal) Those are the guys that tell us not to bonk each other. And we can eat them. And then they come out. We poop them out.

(when I got home from work, while attacking me with hugs at the door)
J: I don’t love you. I just love Baba. And the whole entire world.

(later, at the taqueria)
J: You are a shark. But you are a nice shark. We are nice sharks eating our burritos.

(later, at home)
J: I have a new baby.
S: Where’s your baby?
J: It’s in my belly.
S: It’s not born yet?
J: No. It will be born next Christmas. And when he’s taking the Christmas tree lights off, he doesn’t tip the tree over.

(Juju farted)
Janusz: What do you say?
Julian: Excuse me very much!

J: The moose brought a lot of presents for us. For our cars. And they’re bringing stuff to make spaceships. They are very nice.

(in the “spaceship”—the big wicker chest in Mom & Dad’s bedroom)
J: I’m going to pick up the aliens.
Janusz: Are they coming over for a playdate?
J: They are coming over for a playdate and for dinner.
Janusz: What are their names?
J: They don’t have names. They speak Polish. They can wipe their noses on their sleeve.
S: Tell them they can use this “nose wipe.”
J: They have a nose wipe on their sleeve.

[Julian is now able to put himself to sleep sometimes (after a story, goes into his room alone and doesn’t come out until morning). Also, he now has three friends with whom he has sleepovers.]


Julian: I’m watching a movie. Do you want to watch a movie?
S: What’s the movie about?
J: It’s about the whole world. It’s a little scary.
S: Maybe it’s too scary for me.
J: No, it’s just a LITTLE scary. It has bunnies.


Julian (wielding camera) I want to take a picture of your lungs. Open up your mouth. And, I will make a movie.


J: Hey, you’re wasting the eggs!
S: No, I’m peeling the shells off. We can’t eat the shells.
J: I get the kind of eggs that have edible shells. 

(With his arrangement of “fractal design magnets”): What do you think it looks like?
S: I don’t know.
J: It’s a dead raccoon. And somebody’s poking it.

(Facing his camera’s LCD toward us): We’re watching a movie of your lungs.

1/22/9 ~ BONUS ENTRY ~ Janusz-ism

Janusz: (discussing Las Vegas, after having just been through on his way home from UT) “It’s not my piece of cake.” (This one goes into his Best Of, along with “Don’t throw a pitch” and “Don’t be a wet sock.”)


J: We’re making some mystery poop.

(After I finished assembling the piano Aunt Melody gave him): Wow. You rock and roll.

J: When will we get rid of all these toys?
S: When you are done with them. When you’ve outgrown them.
J: When I’m really big.
S: Right.
J: What cars will I have?

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