Push your belly button to delete them.

J: What color eyes do you have?
S: Take a look.
J: Umm, they're green and blue and black and white and red.

Today is eyeball day. That means it's rainbow day: that means it's Friday.

S: Let's buy this cinnamon raisin bread.
J: It will only be for the citizens in our family.

favorite color: "rainbow"

J: Look what I have.
S: Is that a filter?
J: Yes. It filts.

Don't leave until I'm ALL the way asleep. I'll tell you when I'm all the way asleep.

I know about the whole world because I live underground.

If you play Uno with me, I have a "sniff toy" for you. You are Homer and I have a toy for you to sniff.

(regarding our game of Uno)
Next time, I want you to win.

I have two tow trucks that I keep in my garage. I live under a geyser: Old Faithful.

J: You don't know where that place with the yummy burgers it.
S: Yes, I do.
J: No, because I took that part out of you, so you don't know where it  is.
S: Why did you do that?
J: Because I wanted to know where the yummy burger place is. So, now I know where it is.
S: Oh.

(regarding helping me make french toast): I can marinate the marinade for it. Actually, I can make the marinade for it.

(repeatedly bonking his head against my legs)
S: Do you need some attention?
J: Yes. I couldn't tell you because my voice doesn't work and my mouth is locked. That's why.

"Goobage Can." That's how they call the trash and recycle in Polish.

S: Julian, I want you to come eat the rest of your sandwich.
J: No, I need to look up (at the tripod) and make sure the planets are not falling.

(Julian learned how to play "roe sham boe," but wants me to whisper to him which one I'm going to do, in advance.)

I control the whole world. (How do you do that?) I need a big ladder by the window to operate the whole world. (What do you do to it?) I make it spin faster and faster.

We are sea turtles. I am the sea turtle that can turn into a fire-breathing dragon. I can scare away the fish that would eat us. I use my fiery breath to cook them up for us to eat.

I have a metal bone. (How do you know?) Because Jake put in my metal bone for me. That's how I know.

I cancel your bad dreams out of you, but only your scary ones and your hurting ones and your violence ones.

There--I put all my bad dreams in you. We'll have to push your belly button to delete them.

Mama, can you make sure I don't wear this shirt to school ever again or when Jake comes over. (Why not?) Jake says it's not cool.

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