I give my dog and my cat raw onions.


I give my dog and my cat raw onions. They like them.


[Jules took his first Suzuki violin method class from my friend Robyn. The first thing he learned was how to step into an drawn outline of his feet, hold his fiddle and bow in "resting position," and take a bow! Brilliant stuff.]


Mama, can I have some tape? (What for?) I need to tape our hearts together.

(in bed at 8:30): So, how was your day, Mama?


We're birds that eat cactuses.

(reading a magazine): I'm going to eat the advertisements and they'll go through my stomach into my "jet pack" and my jet pack will send them to my dog. My dog and cat will look at the advertisements.


(before falling asleep): Tomorrow I'm going to tell you something. A song that Silver (teacher from school) made up. Actually I'm going to ask Baba to record it and it will be a secret and I will give it to you for Christmas. We will put it in a box. You will open up a big box and then a smaller box and another smaller box and inside that will be a CD case and you will open up the CD case and inside that will be the CD!

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