Moon rainbows and next things first.


Chance has a piano that stays on even when no one is playing it. I still have that memory. I kept it in. And when I go to Chance's house, I will take it out. (Why?) Because I will see it there, so I won't need it.


(first words of the morning in our tent): Mama, I got to give you a hug. I got too many hugs and I can't fit them into my Self. I got to give you guys a lot of hugs!


Mama, could you please tie this together (jump rope to a hanger)? I'm going fishing for clothing (as he lowered the hanger and line down the stairwell).

I have to go get something--it's a secret. It's a rainbow on the moon. Let's get it (reaches arm and grabs the air). I got some rainbows (clenched fists). Could you please open the invisible box? ("Sure." I open, he puts them inside.) Now close it. If we don't put them in the box, they float away.

Suzuki: First things first.
Juju: No, next things first, then first things. That's the way to go.

I put love in these blocks to make the cabin.

My friends helped me make this house. I drove the digger truck and Chance drove the dump truck. Actually, Tristan drove the dump truck...Actually, I drove the digger and Oscar drove the dump truck.


When I grow up, I'm going to be a cook and an airplane driver and a train driver and a police driver and a fire truck driver and a guitar player and a piano player and a math teacher and a builder that builds refrigerators and freezers and storages and houses and toys.

My speed car can always park in there (my favorite parking spot). It can fly over the cars and red lights. It doesn't have a honker because it can fly over the cars, so it doesn't need a honker. I don't have a rule for how fast my car can go. I can just go free without any speed limit on that car. I'm the only one who can have one of those cars because all of the other ones someone pushed down in the store and they broke.


Sometime I will tape our hearts so none of the good feelings will go away. But the hole where the bad feelings can go out, I WON'T cover. The bad feelings just go through the hole and you won't see them ever again.

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