Lipstick and teenagers.


(S: Come down and have your eggs, Julian!) J: I can't--I'm putting on lipstick! I have four kinds of lipstick! And I made a new hairstyle.


(regarding the e-mail he was writing to Grandma and Grandpa): Send it from the police office. (Why?) Actually, send it from the post office. I'm kind of confused.


I made this structure where the vacation people will be. And this is where we will be--in this kayak. You're the one who pumps up the energy to get the boat started, I'm the driver, and Baba paddles because he can do hard things--so he gets to do the paddling. And you honk, too. So you get two jobs for the boat.


Let's pretend you were the mama and Baba was the teenager and I was the other teenager. And my head went all the way up to the sky--the teenagers are that big.

This pancake is yummy. If you eat it, you will flip out!

For my next birthday, actually for my name day, I want it at Colorado. And I want my birthday at Denver.

Look at the man I made. His name is "Hang-on-the-Hook Julian." He's huge and he's going to turn into a huge blob!

A giant couldn't fit in this store.


(Shooting sounds) I'm on the lookout for people that are doing bad things. This is a machine that sounds like shooting, but it's not, it's throwing people in jail.

7/26/09 video:

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