The truth about how the world was made.

[While playing him to sleep on the fiddle]: It’s a good night music. I have to go to sleep and I’ll know how to play it. I can play it gooder than anybody.

We’re birds that eat cactuses.

[on our way to his friend Stewart’s house]:
Juju: How was the world made? 

Suzuki: Janusz, I’ll let you take this one.

Janusz: Well, no one knows for sure—it’s a bit of a mystery.

Julian: Could you tell me the parts that you know?

Janusz: Well, there was a big bang.

Juju: Where?

Janusz: Where the world is now. And then from a tiny point, the world rapidly expanded.

Juju: What’s “expanded?”

Janusz: Got bigger.

Juju: You mean it grew like people?

Suzuki: More like it blew up like a balloon.

Janusz: Well, the life forms grew sort of like people.

Juju: Where were the people?

Janusz: There weren’t any people.

Juju: Actually, I was there. I was the only one.

Janusz: Oh, really?

Juju: Yes. I built the world. It didn’t really expand. I built it.

Janusz: What was the first thing you made?

Juju: Uh, I built Stewart’s house. That was really good for Stewart. Don’t tell Stewart. That I built his house or that I was the only one. Those are the two things we WON’T tell him…We’ll let him guess.

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