One of my jobs is to pinch myself.


I want to live in a shoe, Mama.


Did I say "Happy Mothers Day" too many times?

Is gravity the strongest thing in the world? (I guess so.) Except clouds, right? They're stronger because they stay up in the sky.

I'm going to jump up and hang from the sky. And I'm going to jump off Pluto. They don't even have that in circus school.

I speak my own language. In my world, the man taught me, the one who warns me.


I have special zombie eyes. (What is a zombie?) It's some kind of an animal. And it's bigger than us. It's giant.

I should teach other people my language. When I grow up, I'll teach it. I hope I will remember it.

One of my jobs is to pinch myself.


I want to learn this song ("I'll Cry Instead" by the Beatles): I'll Fly Instead!

(Explaining the high-frequency signal filter device on Janusz's laptop's power cord): On the cord in the little tank thing, there's a gate only the good electricity can open and the bad electricity can't and when the gate is left open, an invisible filter net quickly goes out that only good electricity can go through. The bad electricity can't. Maybe it's like that. [Indeed, Janusz says it is!]


If you scream too loud at my school, the sprinklers will go on.


I'm a robot and I have a little pouch right here at my waist where I can put my kangaroo.

I'm making a high-maintenance bridge. I have emergency nose wipes, emergency whistles, gloves, and spyglasses. And an emergency telephone. (Why?) Because if people walking across drop stuff. There are no sides on the bridge.

A spider is spinning his web around a bad spaceship. He's a good black widow.


Something was biting my foot. It was half mosquito, half lion.

(His new favorite (Beatles) song of the moment is "I Should Have Known Better" because he likes the harmonica.)

Watch my karate. [Kicks.] (Kristen: "How did you learn karate?") When I made the world, the world taught me karate kicks.


This is the first time I peeled the whole ginger by myself. I'm learning kitchen stuff. I'm going to tell everyone at my school. I'm really a peeler of ginger with this (peeler). It will be so easy for me. I'm going to be able to help you so much times. I'm working hard on this because I'm learning. Some parts, I'm learning so quickly. (Singing): Get all the bumps out! I got all the skin out!

(After I had put him to bed): Mama, can you please come back up here? ([Upstairs, whilst snuggling] OK, what's up, Honey?) It's my last chance to be with you on this day.

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