I am Robot Kenobe. And I can take off my hand.


I’m getting all the best stuff  from my treasure chest to send to Grandpa. I’m getting all my best Grandpa love stuff. I’m sucking it all up—Ffffpt!—and sending it up into the air and through the radio lines. Wait, which way is their house? OK, Pssssssssssssssht! (shooting toward Denver).


(In the kitchen) Maybe there will be a new kind of animal that likes burnt things. So maybe we should burn something and put it up on the hill.

Fire came out of my nose and I sucked it back in.


Let’s pretend the doctor told me I have to blow bubbles through this bamboo straw. Because I can’t have a lot of air in my body. Let’s pretend there’s a problem in my ears and I have to hear the sound (of the bubbles) to fix the problem.

You can go on a ride on my rollerboater coaster.

I’m a secret spy. (Janusz: What is a secret spy?) Nobody can look at them because they run fast.

My language is nonsense to the people on the world. But on my planet, it’s real. It’s real stuff, OK? But it’s nonsense to the world people, like you. I built the world and all the planets. WAY before the dinosaurs. I was born in space. I built all the planets, even the world and Pluto. I live on Pluto. And on a lot of other planets, even the one that got hit. (Jupiter?) Yes. Luckily, I wasn’t there and I took my house on top of my car. I made my house the kind that pops onto wheels and you can wheel it onto your car. Then you can pop it down on the planet. You should come with me sometime. I’ll show you. But you shouldn’t take your jet pack because it will make you shoot past ALL the planets…(etc.).


[First day of new school, Little Arrows pre-school. When Suzuki went to wake him up, he literally jumped out of bed and dived for his clothes. Definitely enthused.]

I wish I was a lighthouse keeper. Do they still have those?

Who are the people who decide what people can do and can’t do? (Lawmakers?) Yes. How do you get to be one? (You run for a position in government, etc…Do you want to be one?) Yes. How many things can you be? (Depends on how much time you need for each thing. You can do multiple things if you have enough time. Or, you can do one thing for a while and then switch to another.) Are you going to do your job forever, Mama? (I don’t know.) Do old people have jobs?


Do you know all the words in the world? (No, no one does.) No, I do. I learned them while I was in your belly. Someone taught me all the words.(Who?) The man from Pluto. He had a special spaceship and it poked in you and it didn’t even hurt.

Don’t ever go camping without me. I want you to bring me with you everywhere you go.


(Dr. Julian played healing flute music to Janusz’s hurt foot.)

How many hours until dinner is ready? How many days until dinner is ready? How many months until dinner is ready? How many ancestors until dinner is ready?

(monotone voice) I am Robot Kenobe. And I can take off my hand.


I built all the planets, but actually Pluto growed, and I was born on Pluto. Pluto still thinks I’m his son, but I’m not.


We should take band-aids everywhere we go, in case one of us gets hurt. If I get hurt, you will put one on me, and if you get hurt, I will put one on you.

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