Giraffe Soufflé.


Suzuki: I see half a moon. Julian: Maybe somebody ate the rest of it.

The airplanes poke the sky so they can move. They have pokes on their fronts.


(To Suzuki): You’re an ice cream. (To Janusz): You’re yogurt. I’m a salad. No, actually I’m a pita bread.

(under the kitchen table): I’m fixing the roof of my summer camp. I’m writing you a postcard from my summer camp…I want to disassemble the table sometime.


At my house, I have fruits that have pits that you can eat. If you waste the pits, then you can’t come to my house--if you waste the eating pits.

I don’t like ketchup during the night. Actually, I do like ketchup during the night—I don’t like mustard during the night.

After I eat parsley, I feel like eating a house.

I have a glove for my mouth for if I’m eating something hot. They only make 3 ½ year-old ones, they don’t make grown-up ones.


I made your favorite food, Mama: giraffe soufflé!


We need our phones. “Hello?” (Suzuki: “Hello.”) “Where’s the fire?” (“There is no fire.”) “Yes there is. It’s really big. It’s in the fireplace and it’s burning down the house.” Now put your phones in the luggage place. Give me your phone. OK. We need our flip flops and our burners and our goggles because it’s a very cold fire. Now, jump in the fire! Whooosh. I saved the fire!...I need to tape the cracks in the fire truck.


There’s a thunderstorm with big flashlights.


I want to go to Sandy’s and Mark’s again.

It’s yummida in my tummida. That’s what they would say in the olden days.


It’s a blast burger. It goes as fast as a race car. And plant burgers go really slow.

S: You tell great stories, Julian.
J: It’s not a story, it’s an advertisement. It was an advertisement that I was telling you.

(regarding Tigger on this toothbrush): Is he from Sesame Street? (No.) What street is he on?


I want you to show me how to swim and play fiddle at the same time.


Juju’s friend Jacob (regarding the Polish sculpture of serpent/apple tree/Adam/Eve/Cain/Abel): Is that Juju’s dad with the beard? (No, they’re characters from the Bible.) What’s the bible? (A book of stories that some religions are based upon.) Does Julian have that movie?


I have a dog and a cat and a giraffe. My giraffe lives in a pancake.

This blast bagel goes faster than a blast burger and faster than a plane and faster than cars and faster than people and faster than plates and faster than chairs, etc., etc.

I love you as loud as I can scream.

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