Stick-and-soil sandwiches and stretchy violins.


Let's get our "babies." (teddy bears) OK, now let's put them in our bellies. Oh, we have to take their clothes off because they're naked in our bellies. When we hear a "knock, knock, let me out," then they hatch. Now let's dress them. (Then he hid them and made a treasure hunt for us to find them.)

Now twist the handle (acting out an air handle on his tummy, which I then turned, causing him to pop up and give me a raspberry). That's my bubble machine. (Don't spit on me!) No, those are my bubbles!

Actually, I'm making shadow airplanes. First you have to turn on all the lights...


(crawling into our bed in the middle of the night): I got too much sand in my eyes from the moon.


How are trees made into paper towels?


Excuse me. (Yes?) I need some attention.


(before leaving for school) I forgot to put on lipstick!


(Sometimes Julian likes to pretend that I am, or sometimes he is, having a baby. Today he pretended that I was having twins. He pretended to help me to the car, take me to the hospital, go to "the 100 floor" in a wheelchair, and, pushing a button on his "remote control" calculator): I'm opening your belly up!

Why do deer have horns? (To protect themselves and vie for females.) Yeah. They fight them for her babies. Then they blow their horns.

I don't have very much energy, but the "guitar" (ukelele) gives me energy because the songs have gas in them.


(During his shower) Suzuki: I need a foot, please. (Scrub.) Now I need another foot. Juju: There are no more feet for sale. S: But I see another foot. J: It's only for decoration. S: Could I rent or borrow one, please? J: Yeah.


You can only sneeze if you live by yourself.


You can't come to my camping house because there's a sign that says "no people that like cheese in their burritos"


We could make a treasure hunt for the lizard! (referring to the one that was trapped inside our house for a few days)


Suzuki: What do you want in your sandwich? Juju: Sticks and soil.


(To mama) I could eat you. You smell like a cherry. (Janusz: Is that a pick-up line?)

Let's talk. (What about?) The whole world. (What kind of things about the whole world?) All the kinds of things.

I found a rubber band in your purse. I like to play with rubber bands. It's like a stretchy violin.


I need to make the music stand higher. (Why?) For the dinosaurs. I'm going to peel off their skin.


You're funny. You're the mama bird that is funny.

(Re: the magnetic building set "butterfly" he made on the floor): Please don't step on it. Don't even think about stepping on it.

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