A wistful rite of passage.

2/26/09 (from the backseat of the car)
Julian: What are these two buttons for?
Janusz (driving): You can investigate when we park the car.
Julian: Yeah, I am good in investigating what stuff do!

His good friend Stella (that he has sleepover playdates with) changed her name to “Rock and Roll.” So, Janusz asked Juju what he wanted to change his name to and he said “Suzuki. I’m Suzuki, Mama is Julian and Baba is Zubel.”

J: (strumming a roasting rack with a pen): This is a magic guitar. It can only do Jingle Bells.

J: My pizza has only dried fruit. And Jake is going to love it. (Jake was coming over for a playdate that night, I made pizza and Juju only wanted dried fruit on his part. It was actually very tasty!)

J: I want to write a card to Aunt Melody on my calculator. (presses buttons) This says the card is for Melody. Now, how can we send this on our calculator?

J: We were doing road construction at school. Me, Jacob and Henry. And we were saying “ROAD CONSTRUCTION UP AHEAD!”

J: I don’t get rocked any more at school. (before naptime)

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