HopScotch tape.


Gumby is really talented.


These gardening gloves are like baseball mitts. I will catch the moon in them and then I'll throw it back into the sky!


(listening to the Gasmen CD) Cormac stopped playing. This is the part where Cormac stops playing the bodran.


The deer come down to trim our grass with their mouths.


I have more memory than you.

J: Watermelon time is when the world needs no people.
S: What does that mean?
J: It's just an advertisement.


These blocks will make an excellent hopscotch. And this (triangular piece) will be the hopscotch roof.

(later) I need to use some hopScotch tape.


S: You've got hairy legs.
J: How do they feel?
S: Soft.
J: I don't want them to be soft.
S: OK, they're rough and bristly! Is that better?
J: Yeah!


It's a hot air balloon blast-off spaceship banjo.

(pointing to right forearm) See, I have a scratch, a burn, and a bite! They are all friends.

(after listening to us talk about people having to relocate to keep their jobs)
Julian: I want us to cancel our jobs. Because we really like to live here.


S: Don't forget to rinse your paint brushes between colors.
J: You already told me that.
S: But I have to tell you two times since you said your "memory broke in half."
J: But I have memory for THAT. For everything else, my memory broke in half and the only way to fix it is to get out ALL of our tools, so we can start to work on it.

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