I love you the WHOLE WORLD. Especially Calistoga.

3/1/09: So much for Polish and Spanish. Lately, Bebeto (his original name!) is obsessed with his “Learn to Speak Italian” cassette tape (thanks, Angie!). He lies down beside it on the floor and sings along with the Italian kids’ songs for hours on end.

3/4 (he brought home artwork from school)
S: People really like you art, Julian.
J: Maybe I could be a painting teacher. And I could teach people how to paint.

S: I love you so much!
J: I love you the WHOLE WORLD.

J: I’m going to make a map for Aunt Jane. So she can know how to get to San Francisco. Does she live in California?
S: No, she lives in Maine.
J: How can we get there? I want to go to Aunt Jane’s house.

J: I want to listen to Kevin Burke. Kevin Burke knows ALL the songs.

3/7-3/8 We stayed the night at the Villa Palma, a rental house in Calistoga owned by a man named Al. It has it’s own private hot springs-fed pool that is half shallow (total decadence). Julian was in love with it and kept saying, “I’m having SO much FUN!”

3/8 (back home)
J: How will Al take his house out of the ground?
S: What do you mean?
J: How will he sell it? (The Calistoga house. Sad to say, it is for sale.)
S: The people who buy it will buy the land it’s on, too. They won’t have to take it out of the ground.
J: I don’t want someone to buy this ground (pointing to our house’s floor). I really like this house. It’s so comfortable.

J: I want to go stay the night there (Calistoga) sometimes. I want to stay there a little longer next time.

Later, we celebrated the birthday of Janusz’s late grandma Francia with a candle and some singing and then said “thankfuls”
J: I’m thankful for the whole world.
S: OK, let’s go upstairs and get ready for bed.
J: But I have more thankfuls. I’m thankful for the food. I’m thankful for the houses. I’m thankful for the candles. I’m thankful for you. I’m thankful for my big easel and my little easel (thanks, Grandma/Grandpa).

J: How do you make car glass (windshield, etc.)? Is it glued together?

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