Six dimensional is when there’s sound too.

My shirt is five-dimensional. Six dimensional is when there’s sound too.

The more sugary it is, the more yummier it is for kids. That’s what we know.

Salt is kind of sugary. Actually, it’s kind of sweet!

(Looking at an old dump site in the Colorado Rocky Mountains): That’s so sad. We should clean this up! (But, where are we going to put it--it’s still going to end up on the earth.) I’m going to make a machine that will recycle everything to clean up the earth. (But what about when your machine breaks down--where will that end up?) It will be compostable. All my machines will be compostable. My machines will last for my whole life. (What about your kids and their kids lives?) I will teach my kids and they will teach their kids and they will teach THEIR kids how to operate the machine.

I have a secret and I’ll only tell you. I have a special scrape that gives me clues. (What kind of clues?) Clues for where the treasure is.

J: I know what a “goon” is. (What is a goon?) It has four arms and four hands, a butt for one eye and a mouth for a nose and a nose for a mouth.


(Straddling my duffle bag with its straps tied all around himself): Wheee! I’m on my rollership!

J: When they built this street, there were these beautiful trees (on median) so they left them there. When I build streets, they will be so beautiful because I will leave all the beautiful things that are growing. And I will make the road very high so that the roots can get very big.

Mama, you are a dandelion seed. And Baba and I are Japanese Maples. You get to fly over the ocean. (I do?) Yes. We will make the wind to blow you across.

J: (in the draining bathtub, with his hand on the drain): It’s sucking me down.
S: (addressing the drain): No, you can’t have my son!
J: But I want to go down to the pipe world!
S: But I want you here in this world!
J: But I will come back.
J: (Later, while his shirt was being pulled over his head): Oh no, I’m going to the pipe world and I’m not even packed!
J: (Later): I’m the leader of the pipe world.

J: (in bed): I push a special button and cords come down and attach to my bed and then pull it up, so I can sleep up in the air.


I’m going to bring my froggy to Poland, because I love him SO much. I’m going to bring him mostly everywhere I go.

(in relation to birthday presents received from Lew and Leslie): I will open theirs first, since they were the champion ones with the cards.

S: I’ll put your money from Grandma and Grandpa into my bank account, since you don’t have enough money to have your own bank account yet.
J: Yes, because I save my ice cream money (loose change) for ice cream, not for getting a bank account!

8/23/10 in Poland

(Playing with a toy fan): I’m cleaning the air. It’s good for you. I’m serious. I’m trapping some bad stuff and putting it in jail.

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