The foxes don’t need shoes.


J: Artichokes are like people.
S: They are?
J: Yes, because they have hearts.

J: I’m shooting arrows at you.
S: Why are you shooting arrows at me?
J: So, you’ll know which way to go! The arrows are transparent.
S: How will I know which way to go if the arrows are transparent?
J: You will see through them. 


J (Discussing dream catcher he made at school): When I had a bad dream, I break it in two. When I have good dreams, they go in here and I will remember them. They won’t get deleted.


I want one hundred eggs. I want the biggest plate of ever.


J: Let’s see if we can build a pole up to the sky. I want to make a fire up there, so I need a really big ladder that goes up to the sky.

J: I’m a real grown-up now because I have a stool and I can reach the big sink and wash my hands all by myself. I can do all the things except the stove.


We have to put our (stuffed bear) “babies” into our bellies (under our shirts) because they’re going to hatch. Our bellies are like eggs. We have to go to the hospital because our babies are going to hatch. (Soon after, while applying cinnamon to oatmeal): I need a lot of spices because I had a baby.

J: Your yoga mat is warm, cozy, hot lava.

S: We’ve got to get ourselves moving this morning.
J: I’ve got to get the wagon out and connect it to the foxes. They’ll pull us out the door. The foxes don’t need shoes because animals don’t need them.

J: There’s a very big flashlight that turns on here when it’s daytime and turns off in Poland. And then it turns off when it’s nighttime here, and it turns on in Poland. I figured out that’s how the sun works.

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